Hey there, sweet friends! I’m Tamara, and I’m so excited that you’ve stumbled over to my blog! I started PheMOMenonAtForty in the Summer of 2017 and didn’t have a clue what blogging was. Still not quite sure about everything, but I knew I needed some sort of creative outlet and decided to give this blogging thing a try.

Hey there, sweet friends! I’m Tamara, and I’m so excited that you’ve stumbled over to my blog! I started PheMOMenonAtForty in the Summer of 2017 and didn’t have a clue what blogging was. Still not quite sure about everything, but I knew I needed some sort of creative outlet and decided to give this blogging thing a try.

I am a mom to three beautiful girls and a handsome boy and the wife to a brilliant and loving man. Now before I go any further, let me explain. The first three kids range in age of 27, 24 & 23 years of age. The newest edition turned three on June 21, 2017. Yes, you read it right I started over again after all these years!

I have degrees in Business and Health Insurance Claims Management and spent years in the medical field to end up working for a Fortune 500 company, Anthem (independent licensee of Blue Cross Blue Shield/Blue Care Network) only to end up teaching at a local college in the areas of Medical and implementing an Online Business course study program there.


I enjoyed spending my time creating course curriculum, preparing lessons & lectures for my adult students. Helping them lay the foundation for their business by creating the systems and strategies needed to execute. Things I had learned during my tenure in corporate America.

As much as I enjoyed spending my days teaching, coaching students, grading papers; there was something I felt was missing from my life. That was running my own business full-time, yes, I was a part-time speaker, life coach, and author. At this moment in life I had just learned that the college would be closing and I thought that was my opportunity to start full-time being my own boss.

Well just so happened I began work towards that, seeking out business coaches and traveling for VIP group masterminds where I wanted to soak up all the knowledge I could to come back home and begin implementing all that I had learned so that I could begin bringing in that six-figure income.


Not So Fast!


I returned home only to find out two months later that I was 3 months pregnant. So in 2013 I am thinking my business is about to skyrocket!


Well God had other plans.


You see I was 39, and by the time I was to have my little precious bundle of joy, I would be turning 40. The doctors considered me to be at high-risk because of my age. So, I was told to sit, feet propped up and only to get up to go to the rest room and get me something to eat.


Let’s fast forward 6 months. I give birth to a healthy baby girl after enduring a traumatic birth, however, she arrived safe and sound.

I then was told to limit my movement because of the incisions and staples, blah, blah blah! Yes, I was frustrated, sunk into a depression over the first two years, then realized I needed to see someone about my Postpartum Depression/Anxiety.

As soon as I begin to see some light at the end of the tunnel and feel like my normal self again, my mother takes ill out of nowhere in early 2016. Still attending my therapy sessions, I watched my mother be healthy one minute to two days later turn into someone I didn’t recognize. The month of March 2016 was difficult for me as she passed on the 31st of March.

I felt even more lost. So now I am going on year three in doing nothing in my business, life itself had me feeling like I was drowning. I was trying to get over being resentful towards my husband for me getting pregnant at this late age, and now I was a stay at home mom who could not operate in her business as she once did prior to becoming a mom all over again. Still while grieving the loss of my mother.

I needed an outlet, so I began writing, journaling. Only to find my mother’s journals, and writings and her bibles filled with all her quotes, saying, things she was feeling on motherhood, life, marriage, children. I needed more of a creative outlet and stumbled across a resource called The Ultimate Bundle for Blogging! The light bulb went off!

I had heard so many moms who say they blog as a creative outlet and at first, I thought that no one needed to know the most intimate details of my life. Then I would remember somethings my mother would tell me, “it’s not for you, it’s for someone else who needs it!”

Our expenses were increasing, yet the revenue decreased. So, other than just a creative outlet, my other desire was to start making extra money and help our family finances. So, I created PheMOMenon At Forty

Why Blogging You Ask?

During my extensive research and courses that I have taken I’ve found that blogging is very gratifying and flexible. It also has the potential to grow into something incredible. However, it can also be time-consuming if you do not have proper strategies, systems and processes in place.

This is where my Business experience plays a vital role in PheMOMenonAtForty.

As a #CEOMomma blogger your time is limited, you have a multitude of things pulling you in different directions each day. I hope & pray that the advice, tips, tools, resources you find at PheMOMenonAtForty aids you in becoming the most successful, efficient, #CEOMomma Blogger you can be!


If I can do this, you can do this too! 

In all that has taken place over the last three years, I understand the time away from it all gave me what I needed to really seek God and understand the direction He wanted me to go in my business. I realized I wasn’t the coach for everyone on a multitude of topics and decided where my passion and niche areas are: business coaching and consulting, Christian life, financial coaching and lifestyle.

So, this blog is my re-launch with a new name falling under the umbrella of my original business name, Pink Pearl, LLC. While PheMOMenonAtForty was cultivated out of what I saw a need for, with a new name that reflected that focus I set out to help other mothers & women with their challenges. Start, launch and grow a successful online business, monetize their gifts in the most efficient way, while enjoying time with family, and a lifestyle of freedom!

So many moms who are at home are looking for ways to earn income, spend more time with their families and find time for themselves. Moms who work outside of the home are looking for ways to leave their corporate 9-5’s and turn their passions into profits.

I welcome you to my little corner of the world and look forward to serving you up delicious Lifestyle & Business resources, tips, tools, freebies, blog post, courses and so much more!

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